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Species that can be used in bioengineering

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As part of the project PROTÉGER, the characteristics, mechanical properties and reproductive capacities of some forty species potentially usable in bioengineering are being studied.

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Particular attention was paid to the indigenous nature of the species studied, with a view to protecting Guadeloupe's rich natural plant heritage.

The species considered are also representative of all types of species (trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants), and are present at different levels of vegetation (wetland, coastal forest, etc.).


Kamitier-bois, Bois de Bouis

Chrysophyllum argenteum

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Maho gran fèy, Mahot grande feuille

Cordia sulcata

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Pwa dou rivyè, Pois doux petites feuilles

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Mang rivyè, Mangle médaille

Pterocarpus officinalis

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Foujè bata, Fougère bâtard

Phyllanthus mimosoides

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Herbaceous plants

Zèb ké (a) rat, Trompetilla

Hymenachne amplexicaulis

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Source: Gayot, M., Procopio, L., Conjard S., Boulange E., Bernus J. (2018). Etude de la typologie des ripisylves de Guadeloupe et proposition d'espèces utilisables en génie végétal sur les berges; volume i: rapport d'étude. Office National des Forêts. Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe. 106p. (Study of the typology of Guadeloupe riparian areas and proposal of species usable in bioengineering on riverbanks; volume i: study report. National Forestry Office. Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe. 106p.)