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Closed watercourse with a steep gradient

Type 12

Salinity: <1 g/L
Altitude: >300 m (here: 292-454 m)
Width of the watercourse (bottom width):  <15 m
Current: Usually fast


The watercourse has a steep gradient (= it descends), with especially coarse grain size, including many boulders and rocks; lava often present). The water is fresh and clear. The watercourse is narrow, the canopy is continuous and the environment is totally forested. The banks merge into the hillsides framing the watercourse, with very steep gradients (deep watercourse).


Connection of riparian areas (if intact):  Total

Altitude: >300 m (here: 292-454 m)

Watercourse width (low): <15 m

Grain size (banks and bed): Coarse, with boulders and rocks

Gradient: Steep: 7% (1-13%)

Usually fast

Banks:  30° (5°-90°)

<1 g/L

Ten-year daily rainfall: 211-258 mm

Sampled stations

  • Grande Anse (upstream)
  • Losteau (upstream)
  • Nogent (upstream)

species observed

Tree species : Inga laurina, Chimarrhis cymosa, Inga ingoides, Miconia mirabilis, Myrcia deflexa, Eugenia duchassaingiana, Sloanea dentata.

Shrub species Phyllanthus mimosoides, Faramea occidentalis, Piper aduncum, Clidemia umbrosa, Cyathea arborea, Dracaena fragrans

Herbaceous species Selaginela flabellata, Thelypteris reticulata, Diplazium cristatum, Tectaria trifoliata, Asplundia dussii

underlined: bioengineering / restoration; in gray: species from degraded environments; *: species from somewhat xerophilic environment

Intact type

Degraded type

Intact profile

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